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Safety has become our main priority and without cooperation of our entire workforce it would not be successful. We are proud to say that we have a clean safety record and we will strive to keep it that way for years to come.

Online Safety Forms (filled out online, upon submission copy sent to the office)

  1. Complete when you observe a hazard, near miss or safety observation

  2. Reports are sent to Safety and the Office

  1. It is the policy of our company to investigate the following types of incidents:

    • Accidents that result in injuries requiring medical aid;

    • Accidents causing property damage or interrupt operation with potential for any losses exceeding $500.00

    • All incidents / Near Misses that, by regulation, must be reported to OH&S, WCB, or other regulatory agencies.

  2. Accident and Near Misses must be reported, use this online form or Alternatively a paper form can be submitted and handed into the office. LINK

  3. Reports go to Safety and Management

  4. Refer to Investigation Policy in the Health and Safety Manual

  1. Completed by witnesses for reportable incidents and near misses.

  2. Report is sent to Safety and Management.

   3. Paper version can be found here to print off and complete: LINK

  1. Completed by the individual providing first aid

  2. Reports sent to Safety and Management

  3. Ensure to complete an incident form if required

  1. Completed by the individual that completed the monthly schedule.

  2. Report summary sent to Safety and Management.

  1. Completed by individual that completed the inspection.

  2. Report sent to Safety and Management

All PM work must be documented by the individual completing the work with the PM Log. Options for documentation:

  1. Fill out online form upon completion of PM work (recommended)

  2. Alternatively fill out on paper form and submit to the office

​Completed upon request of equipment repair. Submissions will be sent to Service for review and response.

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